If you select the list, Excel reveals the structured reference. On the second sheet, select a list item. If you want a message to pop up when someone enters something that's not in your list, check the Show Alert checkbox, pick an option in Type, and type a title and message. 5. On the second sheet, type the items you want to appear in the drop-down list. On the Error Alert tab, uncheck 'Show error alert after invalid data is entered'. To show a message that doesn’t stop people from entering data that isn’t in the drop-down list, click Information or Warning. In cell B2, we are going to enter our drop-down list. You can now enter a value that is not in the list. Excel Drop Down Lists. For example, if the user selects Pizza from a first drop-down list. Quando o menu drop-down está inativo, ele esconde as opções do menu, economizando espaço na tela.Quando ativado, ele mostra uma lista de opções que "cai", onde o usuário pode selecionar uma das opções … To choose multiple options, use a standard multiple-selection list, check box list, list builder, or add/remove list instead. 4. You don't need to do anything else. Using the code below a drop down list (data validation) will be created in the cell “J2” . Not sure which option to pick in the Style box? Note: this makes your drop-down list case sensitive. Click OK. 4. As a result, the range returned by the OFFSET function expands and the drop-down list will be updated. However, do not include the header cell. Creating a simple drop down list in Excel is easy. Any number of options can be visible at once. To add a drop-down list onto your form, switch to form editing mode and … Select the cell in the worksheet where you want the drop-down list. In the Allow box, click List.5. The Excel drop-down list is a great tool that belongs to the data validation group. Ideally, you’ll have your list items in an Excel table. This example is similar to the previous one, except that we add links inside the dropdown box and style them to fit a styled dropdown button: Example

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