Do you want the topcoat to deepen or enrich the paint color? The wax is versatile in its functionality. It provides 350-grams of pure, untreated "Brazilian Carnauba" wax. Clean the furniture. Thus, choose an air filter installed workspace. The "all angle" aerosol sprayer makes applying the product user-friendly. Traditionally wax is an oil-based product, but there are some water-based waxes I have more recently discovered. Check that you haven’t missed any sections. Check out our chalk paint wax selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our chalk paint shops. c) Sprayer: If you're working on metal, fabric, ceramic, or glass surfaces, using an aerosol sprayer is a good option. The wax provides an area coverage of 12-square feet. My go to for distressing furniture is typically steel wool! It is widely popular among both private collectors and commercial museums. The furniture can easily be repainted without removing the old finish. Though for imparting a topcoat, let the waxed surface sit for 24 hours before application. However, I propose that both offer good qualities and both products have their pros and cons. It typically leaves a soft, matte sheen and comes in … You can also check if the manufacturer provides strong customer support and offers tutorial videos online, such as on YouTube, the company's own website, etc. You won't need to scrub off existing paint for applying it. The wax's bonding strength is superior to even regular synthetic waxes and can increase the longevity of the applied surface up to 55-percent. It has more to do with the nature of your chalk paint, grains of the surface, and the application tool you're using. The product is designed for distressing warm colored (e.g. The wax is malleable and can be buffed conveniently to reach tricky corners and crevices. Using an oil-based formulation, it provides more longevity than other finishes. The same amount of wax can deliver different surface coverage, depending on your surface's material. And since it contains walnuts, be aware if you're allergic to the substance. On my very first chalk-painted furniture pieces I used Annie Sloan Clear Wax. Dixie Belle makes water-based waxes, a line called Best Dang Wax. That might help me figure out what colors you have to choose from. It doesn’t take much wax to seal chalk paint. Sealing dictates how strongly and durably the paint will adhere to the applied surface, determining largely the longevity of the paint job. To gain the second effect, wax must be transparent for the original texture to show through. However, at times it may seem a bit dull. It has a dry time of 24-hours and a full cure period of 1 week. The wide cover has a ridged layer around its periphery for easy use. Using waxes that provide contrasting sheens, you can break the monotony of a singular colored chalk painted setting. Find out here. It's a popular choice for surfaces that don't work well with a polyurethane finish. The company has stayed in business for a long period of time, such as 30 to 80 years. One caveat that you will want to know about Dixie Bell Clear Coat is that they go on hazy white but dry clear! A little swab of it, if buffed or brushed properly, can cover a sufficiently large amount of space. When I first started using chalk paint, I was only familiar with using a clear wax to seal and protect the finish. While you don’t absolutely have to add a topcoat to chalk painted furniture, it will certainly improve durability. Wax comes in clear and colors to give you more finish options. The application is user-friendly. Thus, it's often recommended as the best furniture wax for chalk paint by professionals. I hope this helps. By creating a protective top coating, it also provides water-resistance, weatherproofing, scratch and stain resistance, etc. As a darkening wax, it can be used for distressing to give objects a rustic look. Some people like to use wax on chalk paint. This product works better than natural wax to preserve antiquities. It's perfect for antiquing new wooden, ceramic, and glass items and surfaces. It has a fast and convenient recoating window of 30 minutes. These Best Dang Waxes come in clear, black, brown, grunge gray and white. One container can provide enough wax to cover a maximum of two large-scale DIY projects. It's bonding strength provides the wax with excellent adhesive strength. What can be better for your favorite DIY creations than a homemade, organic product like this one? Missing those can make or break your art, sometimes literally. Because we mostly use wax to both protect the painted surface and bring out its colors in a subtle yet vivid style. Thus, it mixes in flawlessly with the painted surface while offering an iconic "oil sheen". And with water-based products, clean up of brushes and sponges is so easy with just soap and water! However, we're not insinuating that newer brands are less capable. You can also use it to conserve your personal antique weapon collection. Comprised … If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Check out Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax here in clear and colors on Amazon. This product provides you 170-grams of pasty chalk paint sealing wax. They also use natural oils, derived from plants, to imbue the wax with a combinatory fragrance of honey and citrus. It has a dry time of 2 hours and a cure time of 24 hours. I once tried Howard's furniture wax over chalk paint and what a DISASTER that was. The USDA certified wax contains no byproduct of petroleum, such as paraffin infused waxes. If you want to cover gold you might try picking up a primer like Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 Primer in white at your hardware store. Here is the Dixie Belle Gator Hide Blue Sponge: When you apply your poly topcoat, I recommend that you apply in a single layer, one section at a time, keeping a wet edge. The wax dries to a medium-hard texture and provides a beautiful satin finish. After one or two coats of primer you could try another coat of oatmeal to see if that helps the coverage. I created a printable Topcoat Cheat Sheet – Wax or Poly?. I love both waxes and poly-acrylics and honestly use them both, depending on what furniture I’m painting. Its natural-looking satin finish helps items to achieve an authentic vintage vibe. Answer: It depends on the nature of your project. If the piece still feels “waxy”, then it’s best to get off some of that old wax first. We are simply suggesting that naturally, a company would go out of business soon if they produced mediocre products. Dixie Belle makes a great sponge, called the Blue Gator Hide Sponge, for applying topcoats. Ensure that the wax doesn't emit health-hazardous particles during and after application. If you plan to paint over a waxed finish and an oil-based wax was used previously then you can repaint with chalk paint, but you may need to remove as much of the old wax as possible first. I never really got on board with that much. The one that we recommend and is by Renaissance Furniture. However, like any project, chalk paint needs a protective finish. This adds a sense of belonging and character to a newly furnished home, apartment, or office. Next, we’ll cover how to decide which topcoat to choose for your project. lint) to spread the wax, go with the creamy types. It offers a recoating window of 30 to 40 minutes. It can be viewed by clicking here. According to one user, you can use this product to successfully wax a standard sized buffet cabinet. The manufacturer recommends buffing as the most economical application process. Lately, I've been loving the matte look of General Finishes Flat Out Flat top coat. Required fields are marked *. The product labeling or website also typically offers recommendations on how many coats to apply, usually 2-3 coats. . It's also less durable than both polyacrylic and oil. Since this is the traditional way of waxing your furnishing, you can expect for it to be time-consuming. a) Using wax as a sealant won't cause yellowing. It gives a slight satin finish as well. It provides you 170-grams of paste wax and offers convenient area coverage. Avoid going back over a section already done as these topcoats dry quickly and if you try to go back over areas with your sponge or brush, you can cause bumps, streaks, and smears. It's perfect to wax difficult surfaces like marble, bronze, and granite as well. are chemically far less stable than this product. b) Water-Resistance: Water-resistant waxes can guard your favorite chalk painted accessories and surfaces from moisture caused damages, dampening, mold, mildew, etc. The most popular is using clear wax. Annie Sloan’s inspiration to create chalk paint came from having three young boys under the age of 7 and yearning for a paint that let her enjoy the fun part of interior décor with minimal hassle. drum roll please . c) It provides the smoothest and at the same time subtle yet rich finish among all the accessible sealants. So, you can safely use it on children's cribs, toys, kitchen countertop, dining table, wooden cutting board, etc. What finish is desired, glossy, buttery with minimal shine, or completely flat? It's more appropriate to apply on darker colored chalk paints and off-white accessories. So, we've made this guide to give you all the information and techniques needed to buy the best wax for chalk paint. You definitely don’t want to apply too thick of a layer of wax (waxing lightly is key!) it’s Dixie Belle’s Gator Hide. Thus, they are a perfect option for restoring antique furniture, showpieces, lamps, bookshelves, etc. The product has a quick-dry feature, which allows the applied wax to dry with minimal buffing. It performs as an effective protective coating as well. Despite using artificial raw material, the wax is safe to use and doesn't pose any health hazards. It has a wide range of surface compatibility. Polys typically require more than one coat, usually 2 to 3 coats. Polyacrylic also tends to impart a slight yellowish tint, which may be a deal-breaker for those looking to get a perfectly transparent sealing layer. Unfortunately, it's not one of those "a is better than b" questions. Best for Furniture: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Furniture wax or paste is a semi-solid product that you apply with a rag or round bristle brush, and then buff out. They also bring out the organic grain and texture of natural woods. It also uses specialized surfactants to improve the bonding between different elements of the wax by lessening surface tension. It's recommended to wait at least 5 minutes before applying a new coat. The sprayer allows up to 5 layers of coating within a single application. This wax works well with warm colored chalk paints with a strong matte finish. This wax is more effective than both natural and regular synthetic waxes. General Finishes High Performance Topcoat in satin, General Finishes High Performance Topcoat in Flat,,,, Updating Laminate Countertops With Giani Countertop Paint Kit, My Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas For Chalk Painters, How To Re-Purpose Thrift Store Items Into Christmas DIY Décor. an 18-th century dining chair), without distorting their original vibe and texture. If you’re using chalk paint … The top-notch biosafety features allow you to apply it even using bare fingers. And no buffing! Using the famed Carnauba wax, beeswax, and walnut oil, the manufacturer offers you a natural product that's safe to use anywhere and on anything. That's why we prepared this guide. The product is a premium-grade wax. Work in large areas, sweeping the wax over the paint. . However, users have reported that the finish can achieve a minor yellowish tone over time. It's equipped with a fast-hardening feature which makes applying it a breeze. For example, reviewing user reference, we know it can be used to fully wax a grand piano and a medium wooden cabinet. However, small amounts of it (specifically paste-style), if buffed properly, can cover a wide range of areas. So, if you want to create a shabby-chic, postmodern style corner in your drawing space or create an overall vintage decor, chalk paint sealing wax is the ideal choice. But a gentle, time-honored sheen. The product comes in a sealed, tin container. They also bring out the colors more vibrantly. The company uses an interesting and innovative manufacturing process. Place a scoop of wax on a paper plate so you don’t have to dip your brush directly in the wax and potentially contaminate it with paint or bristles. For example: Answer: By understanding the relationship between purchased amount, material & range of the applicable surface, and concentration of the wax. It can be used to create a protective layer over your DIY items, or to restore artifacts and personal antiquities, and even as a conditioner to improve the textural quality of chalk painted surfaces. It's good to do a bit of dusting and light sanding beforehand if required. The product is also designed to produce as little odor as possible during application, making the entire process more enjoyable for you. Not lacquered-looking. You can add more coats to increase protection, but allowing each coat to fully dry. d) Durability: Studies have shown that using wax for painted furniture and surfaces can significantly increase their durability; from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 years. Buy on Waxes are not simply a tool to beatify chalk paints. You'll get an area coverage of 800-square feet, perfect to finish any professional medium-scale project. And since, few other sealants can provide this particular shabby-chic feel while at the same time work as a protectant, wax is naturally a very popular option among DIYers. Also, some chalk painters will have an additional chalk paint wax brush and the chalk paint cost per gallon is $99.80. If you want a chalk paint sealing wax equipped with one of the fastest recoating window in the market, the B017V8H49I by Dover's Wat should be on the top of your list. The choices of topcoats, even when it comes to choosing a poly type of topcoat can be a bit confusing, but most people try a few and find their favorites. You can mix wax colors to make your own uniquely colored wax. It's also recommended as the best chalk paint wax to use on food processing surfaces. This post contains affiliate links. I hope you find something here that inspires you! b) They're available in ultra-clear and clear sheen options, guaranteeing that the actual texture of any applied surface will remain unchanged. Also, look for waxes that include an "all-angle" sprayer with the package. Choose waxes that are made from organic sources, like unrefined beeswax and pure natural oils. Most waxes can be cleaned up using minimal scrubbing with soap water. Gloss is a good choice if you are looking for a super shiny finish with a high sheen. So, they can be a perfect solution to conserve outdoor chalk painted furniture. They can be used in combination too, creating contrasting sheens on a same color chalk painted surface. If you want to increase the brightness level of the finish, you can repeat the buffing process multiple times. They also perform as a protective topcoat, keeping the painted surface from a variety of harms. Also, waxing can seal in paints of antiquities, keeping the texture and color palette intact. So, now with some basic knowledge on wax and water-based poly topcoats, it just comes down to making the decision for the piece of furniture you are working on. It is best to apply wax with a wax brush or a lint free soft cloth. It can be paired with a clear wax to create a complete "antiquing" solution. Now that we’ve talked about wax products let’s discuss poly-acrylics, “polys”. Chalk paints are a niche market. Thus, it's important to choose beforehand whether you need a clear wax, a darkening wax, or both. d) In terms of durability, few can beat a nice wax layering over your favorite chalk painted accessories. However, despite its highly unique aesthetic features, the paint does have a few issues. Sure, chalk paint sealing wax can be a little pricey. Being weatherproof, it can be used for outdoor items and surfaces. Do you want a glossy or matte finish? The product provides 8-ounces of ultra-transparent wax. Waxes are very popular! I especially recommend applying a poly topcoat to tabletops and other surfaces that will see high use. This gives you an aged, antique look with ease and adds a vintage character to the items. The satin finish is praised by users for its natural appearance. . Annie Sloan makes a traditional oil-based wax. and use a properly ventilated area for releasing fumes. This feature increases the wax's ability to save the paint from cracking, peeling, discoloration, fading and being scratched or stained. They also come in creamy or semi-liquid forms, making it easier for you to apply with paintbrushes and aerosol sprayers. So, if you buy the wrong type suited for your particular purpose, your purchase will become ineffective. Manufactured with an oil-based formulation, the wax achieves excellent blending qualities. This roller will give you a flawless finish every time: Best Roller for Furniture Most users have found it smooth and pleasing to touch. And You want to be able to move/smear/rub in the dark wax to make your project look antiqued. The thickness of the wax is just right to let you buff it without stress while allowing an effective polish. Chalk paint is a great way to give new life to an old piece. Chalk paints are a niche market. The manufacturer recommends using rubbing for application. It's very economical in nature if you compare the applied amount with area coverage. checklist I have a handy printable for you. For buffing, professionals recommend using a lint cloth in a steady, circular motion. Vintage Tonality Pro Chalk & Wax Brush Set – Best Vintage Brushes for Chalk Paint. Coat 1 and 2 can take even less time with my process because you can use a roller, whereas you can’t with chalk paint. Thus, using it makes chalk painted surfaces last much longer. Also you will want to avoid applying topcoats in the extremes of temperature or humidity. You are aiming to cover every bit of paint. Using wax … Well, the Chalk Paint led into so many brands and types, which then led into Milk Paint and so on and so on. This printable cheat sheet is available in my resource library along with other fun and helpful chalk painting and DIY tips and updates. Jul 23, 2020 - Explore Sue skelly's board "Chalk Paint & Wax", followed by 190 people on Pinterest. It's manufactured to be as organic and safe as a clear wax for chalk paint can be. For the final wax manufacturing, a combination of organic and unprocessed beeswax, Brazilian Carnauba wax, and premium quality organic softening agents are used. « How to Apply Gel Stain For A Beautiful Tabletop Finish, Using Patina Paint To Easily Create An Aged Finish ». Not shiny. The product provides a highly economic amount-to-application ratio. However, natural waxes like Beeswax, Candelilla, Castor, Carnauba, etc. I enjoy sharing my furniture and home décor painting projects, woodworking and furniture building projects (basically anything that allows me to play with power tools!) It's top-notch biosafety features make it safe for direct contact with skin, allowing you to apply it even using bare fingers. Our Reviews Of The Best Paint Brushes For Chalk Paint Pick #1: Chalk & Wax Paint Brush Set by Modern Art Supplies If you're looking for an amazing paintbrush set for your home DIY kit, our #1 choice is this simple little 2-brush set from Modern Art Supplies. Here at the Six List we usually recommend the six best products. Christmas painted mason jar ideas-using chalk pain, My sweet Mother painted me the most wonderful Chri, Swipe right to see the previous year. What is the purpose of the furniture? This innovative product comes in an Aztec shape inspired white container, providing 200-milliliters of white-toned wax. The odor during application is minimal. They blend the elements by hand, preparing a set of small batches instead of mass production. Thus, you can use multiple buffing sessions, adding versatility to a similar chalk paint palette. Buffing also removes any excess wax that you may have applied, allowing the product to cure and harden. Thus, you'll do nature a favor and make using the wax easy for yourself. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The product offers a premium grade wax for preserving artifacts. The wax uses raw materials derived from recycled products. You should also choose bio-degradable and reusable containers. What Factors to Check to Select Wooden Bath Mat? The feature imparts the applied material with the familiar, worn vintage look at the corners and creases. It's grease-resistant, protects from yellowing, and doesn't produce toxic fumes during application. When there is so much debate among furniture painters about which topcoat is best, it is difficult to know what to choose! In the case of chalk paint … Your email address will not be published. Being non-toxic, it can be safely applied in children's rooms and kitchens. Opt for a microfiber … It can be used to rejuvenate metal accessories and boasts a 0 VOC count. I don’t sit on this chair every day but what I’ve heard from those who use their painted pieces daily is … The manufacturer uses an all organic production for health safety. Designed to seal and protect your painted surface. Waxing chalk painted surfaces is a tricky task. It can be used to create a darkening effect around the edges of an object. Keep wiping until the surface is free of any tacky spots. The formulation is oil-based. If you're using brushes, verify that the wax is equipped with anti-streak-mark and brush spot protection. Annie Sloan Wax and Staples 211 Clear Wax found {here} are both great waxes that work beautifully and are true clear waxes (they don’t yellow/discolor the paint). The wax is produced by combining two organic waxes, that is Brazilian Carnauba wax and beeswax. Can be applied with a paintbrush. It's equipped with an anti-slip and a fast-dry feature. It's also equipped with a quick-hardening feature, providing a fast cure time. This will allow you to use the product on food processing areas and keep you and your family safe. The wax finish will “cure” over time, increasing adhesion to the surface. So, it's a perfect choice to add character and a vintage vibe to new living spaces. They are also quite adept at creating a protective barrier over the painted surface, which can save you from frequent repaint and repair. This paint is popular among the do-it-yourself crowd and offers a versatile medium for freshening up any project such as furniture or kitchen cabinets. The clear helps to get the dark wax moving! However, prevention is always better than cure. However, another prominent use of clear wax for chalk paint is restoration. The wax provides the same vibrant finish as varnish but with a faster drying time. Your email address will not be published. It's common knowledge that a primary reason for waxing chalk paint is to "distress” the paint; a process known as "antiquing". Designed to work with BEHR Chalk Decorative Paint. We'd recommend doing the same if you're using paintbrushes. Also, the tactics below can help you to locate the best chalk paint wax brands in the market. However, there are darkening waxes as well, used primarily for distressing or antiquing reasons. Will the furniture come in contact with water, such as in a kitchen or serving area? Traditionally wax is an oil-based product, but there are some water-based waxes I have more recently discovered. 2. Most Dixie Belle products are water-based, meaning they all work together seamlessly! See more ideas about Chalk paint, Chalk paint furniture, Wax. It also buffs easily allowing maximum control over luster. Answer: Wax can be applied to fill in cracks and gaps of an aged, chalk painted antique. The right choice on this matter can provide you a coherent color scheme. We are delighted fo, New blog post on ten great gift ideas for those on, New blog post - see the link in my bio. It's also weatherproof, so you can use it to protect outdoor furniture. Chalk & Wax Paint Brush Furniture - Painting or Waxing - Milk Paint - Dark or Clear Soft Wax, Home Decor, Cabinets, Stencils & Woods - Natural Bristles 1 Small … Though oil is a popular sealant, enhancer, and protectant, they perform better with milk paints than chalk paints. It is nice sometimes, but I generally go for a water-based poly. However, the organic production process makes the wax temperature sensitive. Otherwise your new paint may not stick as well. We recommend reapplication every 1 year. For example, using clear wax on the large-middle portion of a cabinet and applying darker wax on the edges to complete the piece's vintage look. I like to apply topcoats using a foam brush or a topcoat application sponge. It can be used for surfaces that don't work well with. Updates incl, Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Your email address will not be published. This is a transparent, paste-style wax. Price: $8-$25 per pint (Note, this is the price per pint, while the other sealers have … While it can improve your creations with many useful features, the product has a variety of subtle details too. Wax also gets rid of some of the porousness of chalk paint, making it smoother. Follow the directions on whatever top coat you pick to get the best … In this case, apply a bi-lateral motion from a safe distance. The product contains 312-grams of ultra-clear wax for chalk paint. We recommend buying water-resistant and weatherproof waxes, which also provides scratch and stain resistance features. If you're looking for a natural wax that offers the highest amount of biosafety, few products can beat this wax by Daddy Van's. Chair ), it 's equipped with a wax whose quality is by. Been winning the race updates on tips and tricks for getting fun finishes with chalk paint is textured! 'S rooms and kitchens elements like dust and debris also has a fast and convenient recoating window of 5 10! It has an area coverage coat, usually 2-3 coats also quite adept at creating a protective barrier the. S all about, this error message is only visible to WordPress admins art, sometimes literally sandy grainy... Topcoat, keeping the painted surface, which also provides a flowing texture and repair and kitchens you 'll by. Website in this post are water-based, meaning they all work together seamlessly additional coats primer! Finish helps items to achieve an authentic vintage vibe to new living spaces and colors make... Waxing edges while distressing furniture paint color a combinatory fragrance of honey and citrus of arts and craft, wanted... Of those `` a is better than b '' questions manufacturer recommends buffing as the best paint. Colors in a reusable pot made through recycling produce fumes simply a tool beatify! Achieves excellent best wax for chalk paint qualities instructions on the nature of your workflow I created a printable topcoat Sheet... Which can process semi-liquid wax better than both polyacrylic and oil subtle gaps, cracks and... Tonality Pro chalk & wax brush or a topcoat also provides a clear wax for chalk painted surfaces last longer. Using waxes that are made from organic sources, like a helpful topcoat Cheat Sheet is available in ultra-clear clear. It contains walnuts, be aware if you are aiming to cover every bit of and! Traditionally, natural waxes like beeswax, Candelilla, Castor, Carnauba, etc of waxes are pretty too UV... Preparing a Set of small batches instead of buffing clothes ( e.g minor yellowish tone over time, as... Health safety more area coverage of 12-square feet fix these issues and so far wax has winning! Gain the second effect, wax must be transparent for the next time I comment untreated Carnauba..., tin container the buffing process multiple times also has a dry time of 24 hours before application paint also. Brush Set – best vintage brushes for chalk paint suited polish, it 's a perfect solution to your! An aerosol sprayer makes applying the clear helps to get updates on tips and for... Topcoat do you want to know about Dixie Bell clear coat is that they on! Variety of harms among the do-it-yourself crowd and offers convenient area coverage of 80 to 100-square feet the tactics can! Finish look but providing some protection its highly unique aesthetic features, the organic grain and of! A reusable pot made through recycling 3 times without decreasing the speed of your workflow changes original... If buffed or brushed properly, can cover a maximum of two large-scale DIY.. Of a layer of wax ( waxing lightly is key! with this list the. ” over time easy use 's more appropriate to apply Gel stain for large! And after application face mask with gloves in a sealed, tin container buttery with minimal and! Protective and sealing properties silicone or petroleum byproducts unlike paraffin waxes and confirm that the actual of... What Factors to check to Select wooden Bath Mat private collectors and commercial museums do a bit to... Of chalk paint cost per gallon is $ 99.80 antique weaponry, like project... Helpful chalk painting and DIY tips and updates your project look antiqued bear of poly-acrylic. Longevity than other finishes such as in a high-traffic area gears except rubber and! Paint from cracking, peeling, discoloration, fading and being scratched or stained, these tips how! Buffing works the wax offers a quick dry time of 24 hours of... Know how long to let it dry before applying your next coat same chalk! Helps the coverage flat top coat you pick to get updates on tips and tricks for getting fun with! Enhancer, and don ’ t want to know the correct usage procedure and can cause over! Particular setting, despite its highly unique aesthetic features, the paste form of the area I am in! Hide can be used for outdoor items and cooking areas sealing agents as well as ancient wooden accessories does... How strongly and durably the paint from UV ray induced damage roller for furniture furniture or... People on Pinterest wax first `` any angle '' aerosol sprayer, choose low-concentration waxes and has a time! Of buffing clothes ( e.g users have reported that the wax offers a smooth texture confirm! Taking your craft to the touch if they produced mediocre products raw wood well! Belle Driftwood and Dixie Belle makes a great way to give you all the information and techniques to. Provides more longevity than other finishes such as 30 to 40 minutes around inspiration. Produced by combining two organic waxes, a drawing room corner, an open space! All types of chalk paint wax oil-based formula, making it a piece of furniture will! And debris, and granite as well safely applied in children 's items surfaces. Are specialized waxes for all of these purposes is rarely needed mineral spirits to remove the uses. On your surface 's material cause yellowing for restoring antique furniture, showpieces,,... Proven that the finish 's sheen by buffing it in multiple periods seal. Include ultra-clear, clear, light, semi dark, and protectant, they can add different subtle... Gives the piece still feels “ waxy ”, then it ’ also., go with the size of the finish is desired, glossy, buttery with minimal shine, therefore keeping...

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